the good ol' hockey game

Mostly Henrik Lundqvist, sometimes New York Rangers, and occasionally other random hockey players. I love goalies

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Ok for zuccs fucking birthday??? Kreider lets him cut his hair???? I dont even want to fucking know

right? Like what conversation preceded this?? “So Mats, what do you want for your birthday?” “Well, there’s one thing that I’ve been wanting…” “What’s that?” “I would really like to cut your hair while Carl watches.”

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just a little reminder of how perfect our team is


Happy Birthday to my favorite guy!

#Stepbrothers ? Ok maybe not, but I do look at him as half swedish these days.. #TheGreatWillFerrell #USopen (x)

hey reblog this is if you’re an active hockey blog


no matter what team

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Henrik and Joel’s 1st grade pictures (x)

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